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Prime Environment – a Carbon Neutral Company!

Going Carbon Neutral Since the earliest days of Prime Environment we have been talking about “going carbon neutral”. It felt like the right thing to do for the company and for the planet and in October we decided the time was right. But how to do it? An extensive internet search and several phone calls […]

What is a Biodiversity Checklist

I received an enquiry today from a client who had been asked to complete a Biodiversity Checklist to support a planning application. He explained that having been asked to complete the Biodiversity Checklist he had found it difficult to find information that would assist him, so I thought I would write this article to help […]

Natural England’s Revised Standing Advice for European Protected Species

Natural England have revised their standing advice for European Protected Species. European protected species include bats, great crested newts, dormice, natterjack toads, otters and two reptile species (sand lizards and smooth snakes). Natural England say that: “Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and developers will no longer have to wait for 21 days for advice from Natural […]

European Protected Species Licensing

This article aims to describe what European Protected Species  (EPS) Licences are, and outlines how they are obtained.   I often provide advice to developers on EPS issues and obtain licences on their behalf.  I thought it may be useful to set out some text here that I can direct people to for further information. […]

Bat Surveys in 2013

So far this year Prime Environment have surveyed over 500 ha of sites for bats using a variety of techniques including dusk and dawn surveys, transect surveys and our array of state of the art bat detecting equipment. Most of these have been over arable land, but with some interesting woodland sites, barns, residential houses […]

Smoother route to ecology licence and planning applications?

New Consultation Services from Natural England for Planning and Licence Applications Natural England is rolling out two chargeable advisory services for planning and licensing from the beginning of April 2013. The Pre-submission Screening Service (PSS) for European Protected Species mitigation licence applications The Discretionary Advice Service (DAS) to provide discretionary pre-application and post-consent advice   […]