Derby Museum – Notice Nature, Feel Joy

Prime Environment’s Directors paid a visit to Derby Museum late in 2016. We were impressed by the new natural history display – Notice Nature, Feel Joy and were delighted to have the opportunity to show our support with a small donation from the company.

Well curated galleries and collections like this are an excellent opportunity to engage the public, and especially children, in ecology and conservation.  To some, a collection of skeletons and stuffed animals is a morbid prospect; but I challenge anyone with this view to spend an hour here (or any other local natural history museum) with an open mind and not leave in awe of the beauty and variety of the natural world.

In recognition of our donation, we’ve had a lovely little decal (the puffin pictured) put up in the stairwell.  There are many other local names here too – individual visitors, other local Derby businesses like Rolls Royce and even Spring Watch’s Michaela Strachan.

We are looking for a charity to support close to our Cambridge office in the near future.