Project Name: The Bank

Location: Shearsby, Leicestershire

Tasks: Preliminary Roost Assessment  / bat survey

Project Overview: Prime Environment undertook an initial bat building assessment at a residential house in Shearsby, Leicestershire.  We were able to use an endoscope to check for the presence of bat roosts and prevent the need for evening surveys, saving the client time and money.

Prime Environment undertook a Preliminary Roost Assessment of a bungalow in Shearsby, Leicestershire.  The building is in a village location with a large garden, which is likely to be visited by bats.  There were features of the main building and one of the outbuildings that bats could use to roost in.

The outbuilding had a corrugated roof and a boarded ceiling – some bats love to roost in little crevices like those between the roof and boards.  The roof of the main building was mostly intact, but there was one broken tile, which bats could use to access the crevice between the tile and the roofing felt.

Some bat surveyors would have stopped there, and recommended that dusk and pre-dawn surveys for bats were carried out to determine whether or not bats roost in these features.  However, our surveyor put in the extra time whilst on site to check under each undulation of the shed’s roof with an endoscope and he even managed to access the roof tile and check there (the tile was in a particularly safe location on the bungalow roof – we aren’t always able to do this!).

The result was that a little extra time on site lead to a large time and cost saving for our happy client.


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