Project Name: Babraham Conservation Management

Location: Babraham, South Cambridgeshire

Tasks: Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Wintering Bird Surveys, Breeding Bird Surveys, Botany Survey, Bat Activity Survey, Sonogram Analysis, Preliminary Roost Assessment.

Project Overview: Prime Environment are engaged with the estate management team at the site to produce a Conservation Management Plan. Currently we are in the process of undertaking surveys to collect baseline data which will determine the most appropriate management regimes to increase the site’s biodiversity.

Prime Environment have been engaged by the estate management team at the site to produce a conservation management plan for the sites arable, woodland and amenity habitats.

Surveys are currently being undertaken to establish a baseline with wintering bird and preliminary roost assessments already completed. The estate management team have procured a static bat detector which has been and will continue to be set out in various habitats around the site (under advice from ourselves). Data recorded by the static detector is being analysed by Prime Environment to build up a picture of bat activity on the site.

Wintering bird surveys have been completed and some preliminary advice on seed dispersal and preventing dogs entering certain areas has already been applied. Beeding bird surveys are being undertaken in 2019 and will help build a complete picture of bird activity around the site.

Also to be undertaken in 2019 will be botany surveys and bat activity transects. Data from all of the surveys combined will help to establish suitable management regimes to be included within a Conservation Management Plan to improve the Site’s biodiversity.


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