Project Name: Guildford

Location: Private Land, Guildford, Hampshire

Tasks: Bat Transects, Static Bat Detector Surveys, Bat Emergence Surveys, Great Crested Newt Surveys, Reptile Surveys.

Project Overview: Prime Environment work as subcontractors to several large ecology and environmental consultancies, some of whom do not wish their clients to know that they call on external help in delivering surveys.  This consultancy had a large project, too far from their office to deliver effectively, and so we completed a range of specialist surveys discreetly acting as part of their in-house team.

Prime Environment were engaged by an ecology consultancy to scope, devise and carry out a range of surveys to identify levels of bat activity at a large proposed housing development.  The site included arable land, ponds, hedges and woodland.

Our studies provided a qualitative assessment of the level of bat activity at the site, and demonstrated that reptiles and great crested newts were also present. Our work allowed the client to determine the likely impacts to protected species arising from construction, and guide the master plan to limit harm and include appropriate mitigation and compensation.