Project Name: Hungry Hall Stables

Location: Cressing, Essex

Tasks: Preliminary Roost Assessment and Bat Presence/Absence surveys

Project Overview: Prime Environment undertook a Preliminary Roost Assessment and further bat presence/absence surveys at a former stables for a planning application to convert the buildings into a residential dwelling.

Prime Environment were contacted by the land owner to undertake a Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA) of a former stable block which they wanted to convert into a residential dwelling. The buildings contained features considered to be suitable to support roosting bats and consequently the building was categorised as of moderate suitability.

In accordance with best practice guidelines, a building categorised as of moderate suitability should be subject to two further surveys to ascertain the presence or absence of roosting bats. The further surveys were undertaken in August 2017 in the form of a single dusk emergence and separate dawn re-entry survey.

No bats were seen to emerge or re-enter the building during the surveys and we were able to demonstrate that bats were unlikely to be impacted by he works.


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