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Do I Need a Great Crested Newt Survey?

My Local Planning Authority has asked for a great crested newt survey – Do I really need one? When a planning application for construction near to a pond is received by a Local Planning Authority (LPA), they may request that a newt survey is completed to support your application. Great crested newts are protected under […]

Great Crested Newt Survey Season

It is that time of year that we are cleaning off our bottle traps and checking our torch batteries as the great crested newt survey season is about to get into full swing. Standard great crested newt surveys can be undertaken between mid-March and mid-July, and half of the visits need to be completed between […]

When is the Great Crested Newt Survey Season?

Standard great crested newt surveys Standard great crested newt surveys can be undertaken between mid-March and mid-July, and half of the visits need to be completed between mid-April and mid-May. If you just need to show whether newts are likely to be present or not, four visits are required. If you need to show how […]

Cambridge Team Gains an Ecologist

Prime Environment are pleased to announce that Zoe Phillips has joined us as an Ecologist in the Cambridge office. Zoe brings with her a wealth of experience and has been working as an ecology consultant in Cambridgeshire for several years. Zoe has a great crested newt survey licence and is very proficient in Preliminary Ecological […]

Do I Need A Bat Survey?

My Local Planning Authority has asked for a bat survey – Do I really need one? If you are submitting a planning application that will involve the demolition of a building, modification of the roof line, or felling mature trees, you may be asked by your Local Planning Authority (LPA) to provide a Preliminary Bat […]

Do I Need An Ecology Survey?

I’m Submitting a Planning Application – Will I Need To Do An Ecology Survey? If your planning application is in the UK, the chances are that the Local Planning Authority (LPA) will request that you demonstrate whether you project will have impacts on biodiversity. LPAs have a legal duty to pay ‘due regard’ to certain protected […]

DEFRA publish bird monitoring data

Monitoring data from UK bird surveys between 1970 and 2017 have been published by DEFRA. Why monitor bird populations? Bird populations have long been considered to provide a good indication of the broad state of wildlife in the UK. This is because they occupy a wide range of habitats and respond to environmental pressures that […]

Bee Bill

Protection of Pollinators Bill Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield has launched a campaign to save Britain’s pollinators in connection with Buglife, the charity devoted to the conservation of insects and other invertebrates. The Bill is designed to help support pollinators including bees, butterflies, wasps and moths. More than two thirds of Britain’s pollinators are in […]

New lighting tech with potential to limit impact on bats from street lighting

A new residential development Nieuwkoop (Netherlands) has been constructed with red street lights. The development is next to the Nieuwkoopse Plassen nature reserve, which is part of the Holland-Utrecht low fenland region (called the Groene Hart (transl. Green Heart)) of the Netherlands. This nature area of 2,000 hectares is among the most important wetland regions […]

New Guidance on Bird Surveys Coming in 2019

Bird Survey and Assessment Guidance in preparation New guidance on bird survey and assessment will be released in 2019, according to an update from CIEEM. They report that guidance for ecological consultants and decision makers working in planning and built development is in preparation. A steering group consisting of consultants and representatives from CIEEM, Natural […]