Autumn Roundup

Summer has been an exciting time for us here at Prime Environment – we’ve been very busy with newt, badger, bat, reptile and bird surveys along with being onsite helping our clients with licenced work, and taking care of bats while roof works are completed.

Forward Look

Every season brings new challenges to our clients and a change to the services that we can provide. If you have a proposed development or planning application coming up, consider whether you will need any of these surveys over autumn and winter:

• Preliminary Ecological Assessment / Phase 1 Habitat Survey
• Bat Building Inspections (bats do not need to be present for an initial assessment)
• Tree Inspections for Bats (roosting features are easier to find when leaves have dropped)
• Badger Sett Surveys (finding burrows can be easier once summer vegetation has died)
• Bat Box Checks and Maintenance
• Winter Bird Surveys
• Bat Data Analysis

Reflection on the Summer

Looking back at the year so far, we have welcomed Jon Moore, Senior Ecologist to our Midlands and North team, moved our head office from Belper to Cromford, and implemented new project management software across the company. We have also opened a second office in Cambridge, leaving us confident that we can expand our base in East Anglia, the South East and London.

The projects we work on are often in the early stages of the planning process meaning that most of our work remains confidential until complete. We can however reveal that we have been working on an exciting woodland and pasture project on the south coast. We have been helping with detailed bat surveys and managing radio tracking of Bechstein’s bats (one of our rarest species of bat) for two years now. This project has been great, as most of the masterplan has been ecology-led, and the final plan will include a lot of habitat creation measures to maintain bat flightpaths, as well as mitigation for reptiles and dormice.

As well as this, we have also been involved in initial surveys to inform Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for a major sport stadium redevelopment, along with many other projects.

Could you be our next tree expert?

We’ve grown a great deal over the summer and we’re now looking for a Senior Arboriculture Consultant to join our team.We are looking for someone with a passion for trees and ecology with excellent report writing skills to drive and develop this aspect of our business. Click Here

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